About me

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I’m a software developer with more than 10 years of experience developing commercial products. But I want to be honest with you, I spent some of these years developing crap: no tests, horrible design, bad performance. Fortunately I realized that I could improve in so many ways. From that day my professional goal is to work with people far more brilliant than me and to learn as much as I can. Following that goal, I’ve been fortunate to have worked at Plain Concepts and Valtech and now I’m working at ThoughtWorks (http://thoughtworks.com).

The majority of my career I’ve been developing using C#, but currently I’m very interested in F#. I try to not be part of any language war and I’m more than happy to learn new languages and platforms.

My current interests are DDD and functional programming in general, and F# in particular. I also enjoy speaking at conferences (and organizing them) and running and attending to user groups.

I think that my best quality is that I’m a good team player, and I consider myself a good professional, trying to do my best every day.

If you found this (maybe too much) sincere description interesting you can find me at: