My good friend Edu Ferro has a very nice blog called eferro’s random stuff in which he posts the most interesting blogs, talks and podcasts he’s read, viewed and heard lately. I like the idea and, now that I have a bit more free time, I’ll try to do the same, at least once every month. I’m not going to post here podcasts and talks, basically because all the ones I listen I get them from Edu’s blog, so I’m just going to concentrate in blogs. Let’s start!

I’m going to start with a super-interesting and in-depth series of blogs about event streaming, from Neil Avery.

In the first post, Neil explains why he thinks we need to embrace event-first thinking, and more especifically, event streaming. The benefits of this approach are Decoupling, Encapsulation, Inverted knowledge, Evolutionary change and Event sourcing. Another benefit is evolutionary architecture.

In the second post, Neil goes deeper in this approach and describes the different styles of event-driven architectures and compares them. He also provides a high-level data flow of a payment system using this approach.

In the third post, Neil describes how FaaS functions fit into the event streaming model, exploring their characteristics to see when they can work in this model and where they can’t.

Finally, in the fourth post, Neil explains the four pillars of event-streaming microservices. At the end of the article, he describes more deeply how we can implement a payment system using event streaming.

In summary, a great in depth series of articles about event streaming with lots of references to spend some more days reading. Enjoy!!