In a previous article we’ve seen how to deploy a Function App using the Azure CLI and the Azure Functions Core Tools. In this article we’ll see how to get rid of the help of the latter and use the Zip Deploy feauture.

Fixing the script.

We already have a deployment script. It is something like this:

serviceNameToLower="$(echo $serviceName | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]')"
storageAccountName="$(echo ${serviceNameToLower//"-"/""})"
echo "Creating resource group"
az group create --name $resourceGroupName --location $location
echo "Creating storage account"
az storage account create --name $storageAccountName --location $location --resource-group $resourceGroupName --sku Standard_LRS
echo "Creating function app"
az functionapp create --name $serviceName --storage-account $storageAccountName --consumption-plan-location westeurope --resource-group $resourceGroupName
echo "Publishing function locally"
dotnet build
echo "Publisihng function to Azure"
func azure functionapp publish $serviceName

What are we going to do is to change the last two steps.

Publshing the function locally

Now, what we’ll need to do is to create a zip from the result of publishing the project.

echo "Publishing function locally"
mkdir publish
rm -rf publish/*
dotnet publish
pushd bin/Debug/netcoreapp2.1/publish
zip -r -X ../../../../publish/$ *

Publishing the Function App to Azure

And finally we need to use the Azure CLI to push that zip.

echo "Publisihng function to Azure"
az webapp deployment source config-zip -g $resourceGroupName -n $serviceName --src ./publish/$


Let’s call the script and see if it works: ./ testZipDeploy westeurope uat

Zip deployment

Here it is!

CI implications

We’ve simplified how to deploy the Function App. If you’ve followed this article you will remember that we had to install the Azure Functions Core Tools in the docker image. We no longer need this. All the other steps will be the same.


In this article we’ve seen how to deploy a Function App using Zip Deploy so we don’t need the help of the Azure Function Core Tools.